Jonas Dovidaitis

Dovidaitis, Jonas


Born July 12, 1914, in Vilnius. Lithuanian Soviet writer. Dovidaitis is the author of the collections of stories and essays Friends Unto Death, 1947; Stories, 1947; At the Forge, 1949; Dangerous Road, 1956; One Summer Night, 1961; and In the Heart of the Forest, 1963. The reconstruction of industry in the republic and the struggle against the nationalist kulak underground during the postwar period are portrayed in the novel Great Events in Naujamiestis (1951). The novel Blue Lakes (1964) is devoted to the life of the Lithuanian Soviet intelligentsia and the novel A Hard World (1966) to the fate of an engineer in bourgeois Lithuania. He is the author of the novellas Winged Boys (1964), Thresholds of the Devil (1966), and Stories About an Airfield (1967).


In Russian translation:
Liubov’ i nenavist’. Moscow, 1956.
Bol’shie sobytiia v Nauiamestise. Moscow, 1952.
Secretnaia pochta. Moscow, 1964.


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