Jonas Salk

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Salk, Jonas (Edward)

(1914–  ) immunologist; born in New York City. He began his pathbreaking studies on viruses and immunization by starting with the influenza virus while at the University of Michigan (1942–47). At the University of Pittsburgh (1947–63) he developed the first vaccination against poliomyelitis, a killed-virus vaccine, introduced to the public in 1953. (By 1961, and after some resistance, Albert Sabin's simpler and stronger live-virus oral vaccine had supplanted Salk's injectable vaccine in the United States; Salk's vaccine is now used only in a few countries around the world.) He is the founder/director (1963) of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, Calif., and is on the board of directors of the Immune Response Corporation, which is pursuing treatment for AIDS and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Among his writings are Man Unfolding (1972) and Anatomy of Reality: Merging of Intuition and Reason (1983). Widely honored, he holds the French Legion of Honor (1955) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977).
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Jonas Salk eventually became a cultural hero to a generation, but the task wasn't an easy one.
Peter Salk, of the Jonas Salk foundation feels it would be a "significant loss" to not test the vaccine further.
Founded by biologist Jonas Salk of polio vaccine fame, the institute is one of the world's largest independent research facilities.
the pioneer in open innovation and crowdsourcing, and BeyondPolio, an initiative of the Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation and the investment firm Spencer Trask, today announced the first in a series of Challenges designed to help support the global eradication of polio.
Jonas Salk and his research team, was declared safe and effective.
Jonas Salk produced an injectable, killed-virus vaccine; Albert Sabin promoted an oral, live-virus vaccine.
1953: The first polio vaccine wasunveiled: American epidemiology professor Dr Jonas Salk was the first man who succeeded in creating a vaccine to combat polio.
Meanwhile a real hero like Jonas Salk can't afford cable TV.
And our founder, Jonas Salk, would have been absolutely delighted by the medalist selection.
Jonas Salk who developed the first successful polio vaccine, and the 2014 March of Dimes National Ambassador, Aidan Lamothe.
Ravens at Falcons (-2-1/2): Pick the 20th Century thinker who doesn't belong: Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein, Brian Billick, Jonas Salk.
This vaccine production method resembles the one Jonas Salk used in the 1950s to create the first commercial polio vaccine.