Jonas Salk

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Salk, Jonas (Edward)

(1914–  ) immunologist; born in New York City. He began his pathbreaking studies on viruses and immunization by starting with the influenza virus while at the University of Michigan (1942–47). At the University of Pittsburgh (1947–63) he developed the first vaccination against poliomyelitis, a killed-virus vaccine, introduced to the public in 1953. (By 1961, and after some resistance, Albert Sabin's simpler and stronger live-virus oral vaccine had supplanted Salk's injectable vaccine in the United States; Salk's vaccine is now used only in a few countries around the world.) He is the founder/director (1963) of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, Calif., and is on the board of directors of the Immune Response Corporation, which is pursuing treatment for AIDS and other diseases such as multiple sclerosis. Among his writings are Man Unfolding (1972) and Anatomy of Reality: Merging of Intuition and Reason (1983). Widely honored, he holds the French Legion of Honor (1955) and the Presidential Medal of Freedom (1977).
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Pero la introduccion en 1955 de la vacuna inyectable descubierta por Jonas Salk, y en 1961 la de una vacuna oral perfeccionada por Albert Sabin, hicieron posible finalmente la erradicacion del virus poliomielitico en el Hemisferio Occidental.
Splendid solution; Jonas Salk and the conquest of polio.
New York Times writer Jeffrey Kluger's Splendid Solution: Jonas Salk And The Conquest Of Polio is both a biography of Dr.
the researcher credited with first isolating flu virus as well as developing the first killed virus flu vaccine, and perhaps best known as the scientist who announced that the Jonas Salk polio vaccine was safe and effective.
Jonas Salk (right) finds a cure for polio, in the process rejuvenating the growth of swimming.
Jonas Salk and Louis Kahn established the Institute in 1959 as a center that would serve those who pursue questions about the basic principals of life.
But the American and European research communities didn't regard randomized field trials as essential until the 1950s, when Jonas Salk discovered the polio vaccine and Sen.
In the world of science and technology, Jonas Salk was testing the polio vaccine during the summer of 1952 and the B-52 prototype was being flight-tested.
Remune, invented by the late Jonas Salk in 1987 in collaboration with Dr.
The century produced the likes of Hitler and Stalin, but also Mother Teresa and Jonas Salk, among many others, whose contributions to alleviating human misery cannot be fully appreciated since we cannot know how much worse the world would have been without them.
Cooperation among authorities, medical groups, talented amateurs like Sister Kenny and brilliant, hard-competing scientists such as Jonas Salk and Edward Sabin -- "the largest mobilization in peacetime history" -- is hard to picture in today's anti-Washington climate.
And many of those individuals were immigrants--including Albert Einstein; Irving Berlin, who wrote "God Bless America"; Jonas Salk, who developed the polio vaccine; and Charlie Chaplin, who helped create the film industry.