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2017 JONATHAN DEMME, American film director, famous for The Silence of the Lambs.
He went on to work with directors James Cameron, Ernest Dickerson, Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Allan Arkush, Jonathan Kaplan and John Sayles as well.
Since founding the art-rock band The Soft Boys in 1976, Robyn has recorded more than 20 albums as well as starred in "Storefront Hitchcock," an in concert film recorded in New York and directed by Jonathan Demme.
Anderson will receive the inaugural Jonathan Demme Award of the Texas Film Hall of Fame.
Jonathan Demme, 73 Cancer had returned Director of films including Silence Of The Lambs and Philadelphia had overcome cancer in 2010 but it cruelly came back.
"Stop Making Sense," directed by then little-known Jonathan Demme, has become a classic among concert movies with its sleek, unadorned footage of the art-house rockers as they play songs such as "Psycho Killer" and "Burning Down the House."
Before his death, Jonathan Demme - who Anne describes as her "favourite rebel angel" - had the chance to see Colossal at a Toronto Film Festival screening.
sIR Anthony Hopkins, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of Dr Hannibal Lecter in the The Silence of the Lambs, has described the film's director Jonathan Demme as "one of the best" after his death at 73.
Tributes to director TOM HANKS has led tributes to director Jonathan Demme, left, who has died from cancer at the age of 73.
TOM Hanks has led tributes to The Silence Of The Lambs director Jonathan Demme, who has died from complications from oesophageal cancer at the age of 73.
TRIBUTES have poured in for Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme, who has died at the age of 73.
But there is far more to Jonathan Demme's engaging film.