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Jonathan Swift suffered a long horrendous death from chronic Meniere's Disease and then dementia.
Abigail Williams, ed., The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Jonathan Swift, Volume 9: Journal to Stella: Letters to Esther Johnson and Rebecca Dingley, 1710-1713.
Jonathan Swift and Jane Austen may have written your's and her's, but that was back in that other millennium.
She recovers Joseph Hall's Mundus Alter et Idem, demonstrating how this first major dystopia springs from the same Calvinist premises of the master of that genre, Jonathan Swift. She shows how textually trivial Civil War tracts and Harringron's Oceana operate in a network of influences.
Jonathan Swift would have envied the Starr Report--and the independent counsel's ghostwriters had it all under oath.
JONATHAN SWIFT By Victoria Glendinning (Hutchinson, 20 [pounds sterling], hb)
"Stern is no satirist, a latter-day Jonathan Swift making 'a modest proposal,'" contends Linda Chavez in USA Today.
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There is no apparent connection between his name and the pseudonym earlier adopted by Jonathan Swift and also used by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele for The Tatler.
Matthew Arnold, for his part, stands to be targeted for his term "high seriousness" for involving something hierarchically defective, Above all, Arnold would suffer for his term (Jonathan Swift's, really) sweetness and light, since light--meaning intelligence--would be as suspect as reason and equally culpable as an instance of the metaphysics of presence.
Jonathan Swift: Authoritative Texts, Backgrounds, Criticism.
His joke was a repetition of one that Jonathan Swift in 1708 played on an English astrologer, John Partridge.