Jordan Curve

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Jordan curve

A simple closed curve in the plane, that is, a curve that is closed, connected, and does not cross itself.

Jordan Curve


the geometric locus of points M(x, y) of a plane, the coordinates of which satisfy the equations x = ϕ(t) and y = ψ(t) where ϕ and ψ are continuous functions of the argument t on some segment [a, b]. Stated differently, the Jordan curve is a continuous image of the segment [a, b]. This definition is one of several possible definitions of a continuous curve that are mathematically rigorous. However, the Jordan curve may have very little in common with the conventional idea of a curve; for instance, the Jordan curve may pass through all points of a certain square.

If the points M(x, y) of a Jordan curve, corresponding to different values of t, are different from one another, such a Jordan curve is called a simple arc. In other words, a simple arc is a Jordan curve without multiple points. A simple arc is a homeomorphic image of a segment. If the points of a Jordan curve, corresponding to t = a and t = b, coincide and all other points are different from one another and different from M[ϕ(a), ψ(a)], then the Jordan curve is called a simple closed curve. Such a Jordan curve is a homeomorphic image of a circle.

The French mathematician Camille Jordan, after whom the curve is named, showed in 1882 that any closed Jordan curve without multiple points divides a plane into two regions, one of which is the interior with respect to this curve and the other is the exterior. This proposition is called the Jordan curve theorem.


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Assume that the boundary L of G is a piecewise analytic Jordan curve without cusps.
Accordingly, our conjecture is concerned with boundary curves that encountered very frequently in the applications, namely with piecewise analytic Jordan curves.
Let C be a closed analytic Jordan curve with length l in the z-plane in whose interior a lies.
P]-extremal polynomials with respect to varying measures on closed analytic Jordan curves C.
be bounded domains in C bounded by finitely many Jordan curves.

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