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in literature: see Barlaam and JosaphatBarlaam and Josaphat
, legend popular in medieval times. It corresponds in part to the legend of Buddha. Versions of the story have been found in nearly every language. At the birth of Josaphat (or Joasaph), the son of the Indian king Abenner, it was prophesied that the young
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One of the most influential medieval Christian accounts of the lives of the saints, Jacobus de Voragine's The Golden Legend, tells the tale of a young prince named Josaphat, who discovers the inevitability of sickness, old age and death, reflects on the brevity and fragility of life, then decides to leave his luxurious palace to seek a path to the end to suffering.
This underscores the submission of Josaphat Kubayanda (38) :
In the legend of Saints Barlaam and Josaphat, the unicorn is described as "a figure of death that constantly pursues men and seeks to lay hold of them" (Legenda Aurea, Vol.
Josaphat Kuntsevych, which opposes de-Latinization specifically and the developments in the post-Vatican II Catholic Church generally.
After having been arrested and tortured, a group of 40 Roman Catholic clergy, among them Bishop Eugene Bossilkov, Kamen Vi-chev, Pavel Djidjov and Josaphat Chichov, was put on trial in the supreme court in So-fia.
Some settlers approached the house nearer the outpost screaming and carrying a message from the ideological leader of the outpost, Josaphat Thor, that it belongs to a hard-line Israeli militant terrorist group called KACH.
Earlier during his trip, while in the Josaphat Valley, the pope said it was a "tragic reality" that so many Christians had left.
Finally, Brazilian Carlos Josaphat Pinto de Oliveira captures the legacy of Bartolome de Las Casas as it pertains to Brazilian Dominicans working to end corruption and dictatorship and then fighting for human rights in the Amazon and land rights throughout Brazil.
Canada, on March 3, 1909, a son of the late Josaphat and Sophie (Plouffe) Laferriere, and moved to South Grafton as a child.
1875 Altenglische Legenden: Kindheit Jesu, Geburt Jesu, Barlaam und Josaphat, St.
Pictured with Richard Street homeowner, Dorothy Austin, (seated, center) are (l-r): Local 164 members Jeremy Josaphat, Marcin Stepien, Tim Ruiz (kneeling), Marc Holmes, Pellegrino Glentz; United Water's Shelly Raia; and Local 164's Jerzy Krynski.