José Santos Chocano

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Chocano, José Santos


Born May 14, 1875, in Lima; died Dec. 13,1934, in Santiago, Chile. Peruvian poet.

Chocano’s poetic works Soul of America (1906) and Let There Be Light! (1908) revealed traits characteristic of Spanish-American modernism of the turn of the century—the rich use of metaphor, interest in national tradition, and recognition of the prophetic mission of the poet.

Chocano led an active political life in many countries of Latin America. He took part in several risky political undertakings, and as a result he was murdered in Chile.


Obras completas. Mexico City, 1954.


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En 1913, cuando Puerto Rico llevaba ya quince anos bajo control de los Estados Unidos, Jose Santos Chocano, el poeta peruano que reclamaba para si las virtudes lirico-politicas de un Whitman hispanoamericano, visita la isla en una de sus tantas giras de poeta famoso y aclamado orador politico.
Como muy bien lo resume Luis Alberto Sanchez en Aladino, o vida y obra de Jose Santos Chocano,
Her well-reasoned and thought-provoking commentaries on individual authors-Manuel Gutierrez Najera, Jose Marti, Julian del Casal, Jose Asuncion Silva, Ruben Dario, Enrique Gonzalez Martinez, Amado Nervo, Ricardo Jaimes Freyre, Guillermo Valencia, Jose Maria Eguren, Jose Santos Chocano, Leopoldo Lugones, Julio Herrera y Reissig, Delmira Agustini-demonstrate convincingly that their works entailed much more than just a confluence of the external features so often considered synonymous with Parnassian preciosity and symbolist frivolity.