Josef Breuer

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Breuer, Josef

(yō`zĕf broi`ər), 1842–1925, Austrian physician. He was the first to use (1880–82) the cathartic method to cure hysteria. His therapy and theory, when developed by FreudFreud, Sigmund
, 1856–1939, Austrian psychiatrist, founder of psychoanalysis. Born in Moravia, he lived most of his life in Vienna, receiving his medical degree from the Univ. of Vienna in 1881.

His medical career began with an apprenticeship (1885–86) under J.
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, became psychoanalysis. Together they wrote Studies in Hysteria (1895).
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In this regard, the book adopts trauma theory based on a psychological understanding of trauma proposed by its forerunners such as Sigmund Freud, Josef Breuer and Pierre Janet and carries the research over into literary trauma theory which has been developing since the 1990s.
Two individuals in the history of psychology illustrate tales of missed opportunity; Josef Breuer (1842-1925), a medical doctor and experimental physiologist in Austria, and Edwin B.
llego a comprobar que todavia no habia reconocido en este caso el fenomeno de la trasferencia" (Freud 1905), aunque la primera nocion sobre el tema se encuentra en el articulo "Contribucion a estudios sobre la Histeria" publicado entre 1893 y 1895 junto a Josef Breuer donde Freud reconoce la presencia de un obstaculo que aparece en el trabajo terapeutico al que llamo precisamente transferencia.
Gretel and the Dark opens in 1899 Vienna where renowned psychoanalyst Josef Breuer has been given a very strange case.
Josef Breuer, a psychoanalyst of some renown, becomes fascinated by a nameless, beautiful woman claiming to be a machine.
After Exner received his doctorate in 1870 he worked at the physiological institute at the University of Vienna, Austria, where he was influenced by Josef Breuer (1842 - 1925) and Sigmund Freud (1856 - 1939).
Set in Vienna in 1899, Josef Breuer is a celebrated psychoanalyst and is about to encounter his strangest case yet.
Josef Breuer (1842-1925) introduced him with a 21 year old woman [27, 28].
Ben Cross plays Josef Breuer, Katheryn Winnick plays Lou Salome, Michal Yannai plays Bertha (Anna O).
In 1868 Josef Breuer and Ewald Hering discovered that distention of the lungs of anesthetized (sleeping) animals decreased the frequency of the inspiratory effort, in effect causing a transient apneic event.