Joseph's coat

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Joseph’s coat

dipped in the blood of a kid and shown to Jacob as proof of Joseph’s death. [O.T.: Gen. 37:31-33]
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This would explain his own shocked silence as he witnessed his brothers dipping Joseph's coat into the blood, as well as why any demand he might have made for a search party to be launched clearly elicited no response.
Scenes included Joseph's Coat of Many Colours and the temptation of Eve.
With more colours than Joseph's coat and design work that would make most WAGs turn their noses up in disgust, the 'top ten' of horrid kits form world football's hall of shame.
It isn't just Joseph's coat that is multihued but the sheep as well.
And Other Questions (0809167328, $10.95) include stories from both the Old and New Testaments, from the tale of Joseph's coat of many colors to Thomas' doubt that Jesus had truly returned to life.
The children, on their own, immediately asked if they could weave Joseph's coat. [See sidebar for book suggestions that might be more appropriate for secular schools.--Editor]
Ram Sale committee chairman George Hughes said the new system aimed to simplify what had become almost a Joseph's coat of many colours in terms of sheep marking.
A true colourful spectacle, our eyes are astounded by the colourful lighting and clothes of the cast, not to mention Joseph's coat. The second half even has an oriental feel, with the songs like Those Canaan Days from Paris and the Jamaican sounding Benjamin Calypso, making this a tropical treat.
Flaming Fountains has long, pointed leaves of crimson and bronze, Illumination is rose-red and gold and Joseph's Coat has gold and crimson upper leaves with a mix of green, yellow and brown below.
The brothers dip a piece of Joseph's coat in animal blood and present it to Jacob as evidence of Joseph's death.
Luella Wier writes, "My Mother and dear aunt had a flower 'Coat of Many Colors' or 'Joseph's Coat.' When I was wed I was given a slip, but it froze.
* Ozark -- Assistance to Center's Food Bank and St Joseph's Coat Closet