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Joseph A. Schumpeter spent much effort describing the institutions of capitalism and the forces of change that either enhanced or threatened capitalism.
When current economic analysis attempts to explain the rationale for developing and/or implementing innovation, the analysis ultimately relies on the original criteria developed by Joseph A. Schumpeter. The last section of this paper builds currently accepted rationale for innovation and it should look strikingly similar to the above description of innovation set forth by Schumpeter some sixty years ago.
Joseph A. Schumpeter und das Nicht-Okonomische in der Okonomie.
Joseph A. Schumpeter: Life and Work of a Great Social Scientist.
of Southern Denmark) presents English translations of all of Joseph A. Schumpeter's writing on entrepreneurship.
The Austrian economist Joseph A. Schumpeter is primarily acknowledged for his analysis of capitalist development.
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Reprinted as Chapter 5 in Joseph A. Schumpeter: The Economics and Sociology of Capitalism, edited by Richard Swedberg.