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Bramah, Joseph

(brăm`ə, brä`–), 1748–1814, English inventor. In 1784 he took out his first patent on a safety lock, and in 1795 he patented his hydraulic press, known as the Bramah press (see under hydraulic machinehydraulic machine,
machine that derives its power from the motion or pressure of water or some other liquid. Hydraulic Engines

Water falling from one level to a lower one is used to drive machines like the water wheel and the turbine.
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). He devised a numerical printing machine for bank notes and was one of the first to suggest the practicability of screw propellers and of hydraulic transmission.
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| 1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
Born in 1790, there is little known about his early life, except that he worked as an apprentice for Joseph Bramah, the inventor of the patent lock, married in the early 1800s, and had five children.
On the stairs inside the HQ can be found the only known portrait of a remarkable engineer, Joseph Bramah. It is a fitting location, as it is thanks to Bramah and his patented beer pump that pub customers today can enjoy a fresh drink from the beertap.
He was also made Fellow of Imperial College City & Guilds Institute in 1980 and was awarded the Joseph Bramah Medal by IMechE in 1987.
The first of Joseph Bramah's new hinged-value water closets was purchased in 1775.
The church is anxious to contact any descendants of the affected graves of the Rev Whiteley; Edward Hill (died 1853); Samuel Smith (died 1839); James Holland Hipkiss (died 1804); the Evers Swindell family; Pargeter family; Ernest Augustus (died 1892); and Joseph Bramah Cochrane (died 1903).
HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY 1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
In 1778, Joseph Bramah, a cabinetmaker and locksmith, patented the first modern flush toilet, but even then many of the toilets did not work properly, and sometimes they backfired.
Since then other owners had included the Bramah family, who are descended from Joseph Bramah, the locksmith and inventor who was responsible for the hydraulic press and who also designed a model of water closet that is still working in Osbourne House, Queen Victoria's getaway on the Isle of Wight.
Joseph Bramah, another Englishman, patented a lock in 1784 that improved on Barron's work and eliminated reliance on warded keys.
HOLOCAUSTMEMORIALDAY 1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.
On This Day: 1778: Joseph Bramah patented the valved flush toilet.