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Brown, Joseph (Rogers)

(1810–76) inventor, engineer, manufacturer; born in Warren, R.I. He became a machinist in 1827 and set up a shop in 1831 to manufacture tools. In 1858 he began manufacture of sewing machines, forming a company in 1866. Brown invented milling and grinding machines, cutters, and he simplified the Vernier caliper (1852).
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2 cm National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne The Joseph Brown Collection.
At Clayton, two batsmen dominated the scoring with the home team's Joseph Brown (75 not out) and Upper Hopton's Jordan France (79) the only two to come to terms with the bowling.
Joseph Brown and His Civil War Ironclads: The USS Chillicothe, Indianola and Tuscumbia
John Joseph Brown, 45, of Fourth Street, Quaking Houses, pleaded guilty to three counts of being concerned in the supply of heroin.
Joseph Brown, talking with NCR writer Brian Roewe (Page 1) offers needed encouragement.
Providing a truly comprehensive overview, "The Playground Project" includes works by artists, architects and landscape architects such as Marjory Allen, Joseph Brown, Riccardo Dalisi, Richard Dattner, Aldo van Eyck, M.
Bidders shall indicate their interest in the site examination by contacting Joseph Brown, Department of Public Works, Division of Engineering at 914-995-2272.
Leading fireman Joseph Brown was left unconscious after one blast, but when he came round he insisted on continuing his job.
Fit Tribe founder, local tax attorney Joseph Brown, launched Fit Tribe after noticing the impact his desk job had on his health and fitness.
The court also heard from Joseph Brown, a fire brigade watch commander at the time, who said he was called out to a burning car on a country road near Airdrie on the afternoon of January 13, 2010.
Joseph Brown came on and soon found Milne with a telling pass and the in-form striker did the rest.
Ushers were Wade Joseph Brown of Indianapolis, Indiana, Brandon Philip Chambers of Brandon, KatIan Russell French of Jackson, Gary David Mart II of Forest, Matthew Gage Reynolds of Brandon, and Austin Mack Wilbanks of Kosciusko.