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Brown, Joseph (Rogers)

(1810–76) inventor, engineer, manufacturer; born in Warren, R.I. He became a machinist in 1827 and set up a shop in 1831 to manufacture tools. In 1858 he began manufacture of sewing machines, forming a company in 1866. Brown invented milling and grinding machines, cutters, and he simplified the Vernier caliper (1852).
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Leading fireman Joseph Brown was left unconscious after one blast, but when he came round he insisted on continuing his job.
Fit Tribe founder, local tax attorney Joseph Brown, launched Fit Tribe after noticing the impact his desk job had on his health and fitness.
The court also heard from Joseph Brown, a fire brigade watch commander at the time, who said he was called out to a burning car on a country road near Airdrie on the afternoon of January 13, 2010.
Joseph Brown came on and soon found Milne with a telling pass and the in-form striker did the rest.
Ushers were Wade Joseph Brown of Indianapolis, Indiana, Brandon Philip Chambers of Brandon, KatIan Russell French of Jackson, Gary David Mart II of Forest, Matthew Gage Reynolds of Brandon, and Austin Mack Wilbanks of Kosciusko.
We are performing The Adventures Of Robin Hood, which is a musical comedy caper, as a way to develop singing and characterisation skills but it is really a send off to Joseph Brown who will be studying English and history, Michael Sandford - psychology, Lucas Podesta - religion, Robert Lindsay - politics and Che Francis - who is on the reserve list for Lamda.
A collection compiled by Joseph Brown, who served as a major in the Second World War, also sold for PS170.
Second World War keepsakes of Major Joseph Brown, pictured right
Under 10: Lewis Dolan (Marton RT), Zac Raw (Cleveland Wheelers), Grace Castle (Newcastle Phoenix), Alex Hancock (Stockton Wheelers), Patrick Killcullen (Stockton Wheelers), Joseph Brown (Stockton Wheelers), Jack Warne (Cleveland Wheelers), Ben Etherington (Stockton Wheelers), Thomas Heighton (Stockton Wheelers), Francis Nozedar (Cleveland Wheelers), Isabella Montague (Cleveland Wheelers), Cody Lee (Hetton Hawks), Willow Morris (Hetton Hawks), Finlay Davies (Cleveland Wheelers), William Burchmore (Stockton Wheelers), Kacey Eyeington (Stockton Wheelers), Millie Burgess (Stockton Wheelers), Sam Officer (Stockton Wheelers), Abigail Wilson (Stockton Wheelers), Ben Stockton, Isabella Hall, Niamh Dunn (Cleveland Wheelers).
Drillers Joseph Brown and Martin Hovis filled jars with oil for souvenirs.
Brown - Jessica and Joseph Brown, of Springfield, a daughter.
com/joe012594) Joseph Brown , a developer and founder of (http://www.