Joseph Calmette

Calmette, Joseph


Born Sept. 1, 1873, in Perpignan; died Aug. 16, 1952, in Toulouse. French historian. Professor at the University of Toulouse (from 1911). Author of numerous works on the history of medieval Europe (primarily of France). Cal-mette’s main concern was political history and the history of law.


Etudes médiévales. Toulouse, 1946. (Contains a list of Calmette’s works.)
Les Rois de France. Paris, 1948.
Trilogie de l’histoire de France, vols. 1–3. Paris [1948-52].
Les Grands Dues de Bourgogne. Paris [1949].
Le Reich allemand au Moyen age. Paris, 1951.
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Since 1925 scholars have relied on the text produced by Joseph Calmette and the Abbe Georges Durville based on the so-called Dobree manuscript, but their work has been out of date for some time now.