Joseph François Dupleix

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Dupleix, Joseph François


Born Jan. 1, 1697, in Landrécies: died Nov. 10, 1763, in Paris. French colonial administrator in India.

From 1730 to 1741, Dupleix was governor of Chanderna-gore; from 1741 to 1754, of Pondichéry and all French possessions in India. Carrying out plans for the creation of a French colonial empire in India, he interfered in the struggles for the thrones of the Carnatic and Hyderabad. Supporting the French puppets in opposition to the English, he helped establish French influence in southern India. In 1746 his armies conquered Madras, the center of the British East India Company in India. However, the lack of funds and the inadequate support of the French government led to the failure of Dupleix’ plans. In 1754, after the conclusion of peace with the British East India Company, he was recalled to France.

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Once the home of the town's Mayor, this heritage hotel derives its name and some of its furniture from Pondicherry's famed Governor, Joseph Francois Dupleix.
At the centre of this examination stand two Frenchmen, Joseph Francois Dupleix and Bertrand Francois Mahe de la Bourdonnais, and their dispute over the goals of French imperialism in India.
(2) It was Joseph Francois Dupleix who was to incorporate these territorial notions into French colonial policy, and in so doing changed European colonialism in India.
Joseph Francois Dupleix was born in January 1697, son of an official in the French overseas company.
Formerly the palace of French governor Joseph Francois Dupleix, during whose administration Chandannagar was the main center for European commerce in Bengal, the museum houses a number of French artifacts while the institute regularly conducts French classes.