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Kessel, Joseph


Born Feb. 10, 1898, in Clara, Argentina. French writer; member of the French Academy (1962).

Kessel is the son of a physician of Russian descent. He studied in Russia between 1905 and 1908. He graduated from the faculty of philology at the Sorbonne and was a pilot and war correspondent during World War I (1914–18). Fame came to Kessel with The Flight Crew (1923), a novel about the pioneers of aviation. A participant in the Resistance, Kessel chronicled the movement in Army of Shadows (1944; Russian translation, 1971) and The Celestial Battalion (1947). He wrote The Song of the Partisans with M. Druon in 1943. Kessel’s postwar reportage and fiction reveal an integrated and humane person who, although inclined toward anarchism, is nevertheless objectively opposed to the venality of bourgeois society (as in the novels The Lion, 1958, and The Horsemen, 1967; the novella In the Name of Honor, 1964).


Témoin parmi les hommes, vols. 1–4. Paris, 1956–69.
Tous n’étaient pas des anges. Paris, 1963.
In Russian translation:
Meri iz Korka. Moscow, 1925.


J. Kessel: Images, reportages, aventures. Paris, 1969.


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However, despite the huge efforts by the PCF to convey a certain representation of 1917 and all that, through Soviet histories, novels and films, there always was a hostile current, from Serge de Chassis to Joseph Kessel to Tintin, that played on the 'barbarous', even 'cannibalistic' nature of leather-coated Bolshevik commissars clutching knives figuratively, and sometimes literally, between their teeth.
Joseph Kessel tells the story of Himmler's doctor and lets us enter Himmler's inner sanctum.
La pelicula basada en el libro de Joseph Kessel sigue la historia de Philippe Gerbier (Lino Ventura), un hombre comun que se ve envuelto en una serie extraordinaria de eventos que ocurren dentro de la Resistencia Francesa.
Nowhere else, not even in Italy, was the milieu of aviation such a draw for intellectuals, and the relationship of writer Joseph Kessel (made famous to generations of French school children for Les lions) to Atlantic pioneer Jean Mermoz is marvelously explained, as is the nature of pilot St.
Earlier books by Stavisky's son Claude, Stavisky etait mon pere; by the journalist and writer Joseph Kessel, Stavisky, L'homme que j'ai connu; and by his chauffeur Eugene Bortchy-Melnikoff, 300.
That will be followed by "The Four Seasons"--four Cuban-set TV movies with Jorge Perugorria--and Alain Delon in "The Lion," from a book by Joseph Kessel.
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Together with Druon and Joseph Kessel, she went to spend the weekend of the 29/30 May at the Ashdown Park Hotel in Coulsdon, since demolished.
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Contractor address : 164-166 avenue Joseph Kessel, Parkile P14
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