Joseph Mary Plunkett

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Plunkett, Joseph Mary


Born in 1887; died May 4, 1916, in Dublin. Figure in the Irish national liberation movement. Journalist.

Plunkett was the editor of the journal Irish Review, which called for the independence of Ireland. He was one of the leaders of the Irish volunteers and the petit bourgeois revolutionary organization the Irish Republican Brotherhood (Fenians). On instructions from the brotherhood, he and R. Casement held negotiations in Berlin with the German government in the spring of 1915 regarding the supply of arms to Irish patriots. In the course of the negotiations, Plunkett became convinced of the riskiness of counting on effective German assistance. He was on the committee that organized the Easter Rising (1916), and he served as one of the rising’s military leaders. A member of the provisional government of the Irish Republic proclaimed by the insurgents, Plunkett was executed by the British.


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LR So the Easter Uprising is quite notably infused with poetics, with Padraig Pearse, and with Joseph Mary Plunkett.
I was fascinated to realize that the two epigraphs stem from the same day, they come from the same day, from a line from Robert Frost, who's somebody I'm interested in, to this line from Joseph Mary Plunkett. There's some connection between the two, I'm not sure what it is.
Among the heirlooms used in the service was the chalice and the paten used at Joseph Mary Plunkett and Grace Gifford's wedding in Kilmainham seven hours before his execution.
From this kind of stridency, Volume II moves to the all-too-painful truth of life on the ground, especially as it was faced by widows such as Grace Gifford Plunkett, wife of Joseph Mary Plunkett, who was one of the insurgents shot by firing squad for his role in the failed Easter Rising of 1916.
Years, Thomas Moore, and Joseph Mary Plunkett, among others.
Born on the Aran Island of Inish Mor in 1894 the youngest of eight children, she met Pearse in August 1915, when he visited the island with Thomas Ashe, Eamonn Ceannt and Joseph Mary Plunkett.
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