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Their topics include dropping the historical ball: opposition to the study of postwar European communities and its consequences, the myth of Jewish fortunes and the reality of Krakow, transferring visual culture: the case of Eliezer-Zusman, the extrapolation of Jewish educational traditions in the pedagogy of freedom, and a reading of Joseph Roth's novel Job: The Story of a Simple Man (1930).
As Andrew aged, his public persona increasingly resembled a character that might have stepped from the pages of a Joseph Roth novel, a gallant beau sabreur escaped from the debris of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in which until 1918 his father had indeed served as a German speaking Polish colonel.
His subjects, Leopold von Sacher-Moser (1836-1895), Lazar von Hellenbach (1827-1887), Theodor Hertzka (1845-1924), Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), Robert Muller (1887-1924), and Joseph Roth (1894-1939), belonged to a bourgeois liberal milieu which, according to the historian Carl Schorske, was especially aggrieved by the cultural shifts within Austrian society at the turn of the century.
In a letter my cousin Shlomo Naor wrote while he was in Israel, he mentioned that his mother first knew my father's cousin, the writer Joseph Roth, in Vienna.
The Swedish home retailer also seeks to expand its e-commerce presence in the United States, but acknowledged that this could take time given the country's large geographic expanse, Joseph Roth, Ikea U.S.
Among contemporary witnesses, Confino summons Joseph Roth, a prescient journalist and novelist born in 1918 in Galicia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, at the epicenter of Europe's "Bloodlands" (the apt term devised by Yale's Timothy Snyder).
This is Hofmann's tenth translation from Joseph Roth, and it represents a culmination of the project he began in 1988 to bring Roth's oeuvre to the English-speaking world.