Swan, Sir Joseph Wilson

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Swan, Sir Joseph Wilson,

1828–1914, English chemist and physicist. He made an incandescent lamp using a carbon filament (1860), 20 years before Edison's lamp. Noted for important contributions to photography as well, he devised the first commercially practical process for carbon printing, introduced the dry plate, and invented bromide paper. Swan also experimented with the production of man-made fibers. He was knighted in 1904.
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St Thomas More also triumphed at under-14 level, beating Joseph Swan 1-0 in the Ryton Aged Minors Trophy Final thanks to a solitary Wesley Maddock strike.
But the pupil from Joseph Swan School was determined to make something positive come out of her mother's death and set about raising funds to help those affected by similar conditions.
It was at the Lit and Phil exactly 130 years ago that Joseph Swan carried out the first public demonstration of a lightbulb.
It was originally opened in 1878 as an apothecary's by Mawson and Proctors, but in 1912, the firm merged to become Mawson, Swan and Morgan Ltd - a famous company run by Sunderland-born physicist and chemist Joseph Swan, inventor of the light bulb.
A DESCENDANT of light bulb pioneer Joseph Swan is to commemorate the inventor in the school which bears his name.
The club, originally set up in 2008 by Gavin Houston, a teacher at Joseph Swan Academy, gives more than 1,000 youngsters a year get a taste of the sport.
Established and frequented by leading thinkers of the day, early members included Joseph Swan, Robert Stephenson and Lord Armstrong.
The Archbishop of York Youth Trust held its first regional North East Headteachers' conference in collaboration with Joseph Swan Academy in Gateshead.
Joseph Swan Academy in Low Fell, Gateshead, welcomed members of the armed forces past and present as a range of activities were held in their honour.
The Electric Quarter scheme is named in honour of electric light bulb inventor Joseph Swan, who lived on Ponders End High Street.
David Joseph Swan grabbed PS100 from the hands of the pensioner - who was walking with a stick - as she stood in the Post Office on Chipchase Road in Linthorpe, Middlesbrough.
By 1860, Joseph Swan had a UK patent for a carbon filament incandescent lamp - claimed by some as the world's first electric light bulb.