Josef von Sternberg

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Josef von Sternberg
Jonas Sternberg
BirthplaceVienna, Austria-Hungary

Von Sternberg, Josef

(1894–1969) film director; born in Vienna, Austria. In New York at age 17, he became a film patcher for World Film. In 1917 he joined the Army Signal Corps and made training films. His first movie was The Salvation Hunters (1925). He became the master of the American screen with his pictorial compositions and light and shadow effects. Among his films were The Blue Angel (1930), The Scarlet Empress (1934), and Macao (1952).
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She made her film debut with a brief role in 1923's Der Kleine Napoleon and was discovered as a cabaret dancer in 1929 by director Joseph Von Sternberg, who cast her in the leading role of the film Blue Angel.
The design was based on an actual structure of the era, but the real inspiration came from Joseph von Sternberg's 1946 film "The Shanghai Gesture." The difference is that "Shanghai's" Pagoda, "was an invention of Hollywood.