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Welch, Joseph Nye

(1890–1960) lawyer; born in Primghar, Iowa. A graduate of Grinnell College (1914) and Harvard Law School (1917), he went into private practice in Boston and established a reputation as an excellent trial lawyer. In 1954, as special counsel for the army, he conducted a televised duel with Senator Joseph McCarthy in congressional hearings called to consider McCarthy's allegations that evidence of an army communications spy ring had been covered up. Welch gained a clear advantage in the exchanges through his old-fashioned moral indignation as well as his legal expertise, and the Senate voted a few months later to censure McCarthy. Welch returned to private practice, emerging briefly to narrate a television series on constitutional history and to play the trial judge in the 1959 movie Anatomy of a Murder.
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Joseph Welch, SES, Deputy Program Executive Officer, Program Executive Office Command Control Communications - Tactical (PEO C3T)
As I contemplate the Trump presidency, I cannot help but think of Joseph Welch.
As I contemplate the presidency of Donald Trump, I cannot help but think of Joseph Welch.
In the course of the hearings, McCarthy zeroed in on one young lawyer, Fred Fisher, who had been interviewed by Special Counsel to the Army Joseph Welch for a possible posting as an associate to assist in the hearings.
Winters seized upon the battle cry of Joseph Welch, attorney for the Army, in his question to McCarthy, "Have you no sense of decency?" Perhaps it wasn't a good move by McCarthy to have brought up at the subject of Welch's associate Fred Fisher having been a past member of the communist-front National Lawyers Guild.
Ryan gets my "Have You No Sense Of Decency, Sir" award, named for the famous rejoinder by Boston lawyer Joseph Welch, who called out the reckless anti-communist crusader Sen.
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This lack of commitment, urgency and honesty by the Labour group should be a major concern to us all.' Joseph Welch, Leader of the Independent group, Denbighshire County Council
One can only wish for a 21st-century moral giant to say to these rabid Jews what Joseph Welch, chief counsel for the Army, said to curb the red-baiting Senator McCarthy: "Have you no sense of decency, sir?"
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44) A high point in Treason is Coulter's dismissal of the famous "have you no decency" speech that Attorney Joseph Welch delivered against McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy hearings.
MILLBURY Donald Joseph Welch Sr., 75, of Millbury passed suddenly on Saturday, March 17th 2012.