Joseph of Exeter

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Joseph of Exeter,

fl. c.1190, English poet who wrote in Latin. He is best known for De Bello Trojano (c.1184), an epic poem in six books, written in the style of Vergil. His adventures in the Third Crusade were recounted in Antiocheis, most of which is lost. He lived much of his life in France.
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The villainy of Calchas - if self-preservation is a fault - was, if I am right, taken even further by Joseph of Exeter.(6) Joseph's six-book epic (completed about 1185) follows Dares' basic plot, though with some astonishing additions and embellishments.
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The 'complex of Medeas' (2) that Morse identifies (scattered variously throughout the works of Benoit de St Maure, Joseph of Exeter, Guido delle Colonne, Boccaccio, Gower, Chaucer, Lydgate, Christine de Pizan, Raoul Lefevre, as well as Euripides, Ovid, Seneca, and others) testify to an obsession with this 'ranting, irrational, eroticized, and dangerous woman' (114).