Jovan Popovic

Popović, Jovan


Born Nov. 18, 1905, in Kikinda; died Feb. 13, 1952, in Belgrade. Serbian writer and publicist.

Popović studied in the faculty of philosophy in Belgrade. He took part in the workers’ movement and the fight for national liberation. In 1942 he became a member of the Antifascist National-Liberation Council of Yugoslavia. His early collections of verse, Pilgrim of Eternity (1925) and Dance over the Abyss (1926), were influenced by expressionism. In the late 1920’s Popović helped initiate the revolutionary trend in Serbian literature known as social literature. In his collections of short stories There Must Be Order (1932), Faces of Passersby (1933), and Righteous Legends (1944) he created a gallery of characters from various strata of bourgeois Yugoslavia and also depicted fighters for national liberation.


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