Jovan Radonic

Radonić, Jovan


Born Jan. 28, 1873, in Mol, in the region of Bačka: died Nov. 25, 1956, in Belgrade. Serbian medieval historian. Member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences (1909).

Radonić graduated from the University of Vienna, where he studied under K. Jireček and V. Jagić. He was librarian of the Matica Srpska society in Novi Sad from 1899 to 1905 and, beginning in 1905, taught at the University of Belgrade. In 1948 he joined the staff of the Institute of History of the Serbian Academy of Sciences. Radonić, a Slavist and Byzantinist, devoted his research to Balkan medieval history. He translated into Serbian and expanded Jireičk’s History of the Serbs (vols. 1–4, Belgrade, 1922–25; 2nd ed., Belgrade, 1952).