JPEG 2000

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JPEG 2000

A standard for compressing still images from the Joint Photographic Experts Group. Introduced in 2000, JPEG 2000 uses wavelet compression and provides greater compression ratios than the discrete cosine (DCT) method used in regular JPEG. It also takes more processing power to decode the images. JPEG 2000 supports both lossy and lossless modes, and it is noted for its "visually lossless" appearance, whereby lossy images look so good that they appear to have been compressed with a lossless method. The millions of JPEG images on the Web are regular JPEG, not JPEG 2000.

Smart Decoding
A significant feature of JPEG 2000 is that images can be decoded into different resolutions, allowing, for example, a viewer to quickly render a low-resolution image from a gigantic file that would otherwise take considerably longer. Smart decoding enables the same image file to serve multiple uses.

Motion JPEG 2000
Motion JPEG 2000 is the video version of JPEG 2000. However, unlike other movie formats, which use interframe coding to compress multiple frames, each JPEG 2000 frame is compressed independently. Motion JPEG 2000 is the standard for the d-cinema format for digital movie theaters and is commonly referred to as simply "JPEG 2000."

JPEG 2000's smart decoding is also a major advantage for digital cinema. For example, although the movie may have been mastered in 4K resolution, it can be decoded and projected at 2K without having to decode into 4K first and then downconvert into 2K afterwards. This enables the same source file to be used in different theaters. See JPEG, MPEG, wavelet compression and digital cinema.
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TICO has shown qualities similar to JPEG2000 and has outpaced legacy VC2-LD showing significantly better quality, lower latency and complexity.
With an expanding organisation, a strong product portfolio, and industry leadership positions in several sectors including JPEG2000, IP video transport, advanced transport stream processing and 3D contribution, T-VIPS has lined up exciting business and technology plans for 2011.
This system is called technical chain NFAA (New Formats Audiovisual Archiving) This allowed the implementation of an extensive program of computerization of digital video media, mainly in the Betacam formats, to a pivot file format SD (JPEG2000) and conservation but also in high definition from media and HDCAM HDCAM SR in JPEG2000 HDThe technical system was phased in over 3 years as part of a market with a maintenance contract covering the purchase and progressive implementation of hardware and software tools according to a schedule established in the delivery market system.
It enables interaction with JPEG2000 content and it is used for JPEG2000 image streaming.
JPEG2000 is a wavelet compression technology which offers both lossy and lossless compression within the same mode, and offers additional features such as image zooming, panning, and tiling.
The inSilicon JPEG2000 Encoder is portable to any ASIC or FPGA technology and is designed for embedded application implementation with efficient gate count and low power consumption.
of Irvine, California, has introduced a nine-channel digital video recorder with JPEG2000 video compression.
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The system also builds upon DICOM and JPEG2000 standards to provide manageability and security.
A special section is dedicated to analyzing JPEG2000 bitstreams and files.
For example the calculated time that passes from requesting the JPEG2000 medical image until it is presented to the client on PDA is about one minute, which is unacceptable.