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Paul: how Juan Huarte de San Juan responded to Inquisitorial censorship; and the Inquisition confronts Mesoamerican divination to treat child illness in 16th-century Guatemala.
Among the most fully articulated early modern accounts of the connections between the faculty of the imagination and melancholy--which in addition include reflections on the physiology of the poet--are those by the physicians, Juan Huarte de San Juan, Alonso Lopez Pinciano, and Pierre Charron, as well as by Sir Francis Bacon.
THE CONNECTION BETWEEN CERVANTES and Renaissance medical philosophy has been explored by both humanists and scientists, often focusing on Don Quixote and Juan Huarte de San Juan.
V): Tres libros de anima seu ente mobili animato complectens; y la pequena pero original obra del medico humanista Juan Huarte de San Juan, Examen de ingenios para las sciencias, obra por la cual el autor ha sido reconocido como uno de los precursores de la actual caracteriologia.
Martin-Araguz A, Bustamante-Martinez C (2004) The examination of men's wits by Juan Huarte de San Juan, and the dawn of the neurobiology of intelligence in the Spanish renaissance.