Juan del Encina

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Encina, Juan del


Born 1469 in Encinas, Salamanca Province; died 1529 in Salamanca. Spanish poet, dramatist and composer.

Encina’s principal works, which were collected in his Songbook (1496), combine medieval traditions and Renaissance tendencies. Encina’s fourteen plays called eclogues marked the beginning of secular theater in Spain. Several of his plays, including A Play About a Fight (published 1509), Mingo Gil (1494), and Pascuala (1494), were written in the spirit of folk farces. Encina celebrated earthly joys and love in such pastoral eclogues as Plácida and Vitoriano (staged 1513).


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Summary: Dressed in loose-fitting black clothes and a bright red waistcoat, Cesar Carazo waves an arm regally as he regales the audience with a 15th-century song by Spanish composer Juan del Enzina.