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officially Heroica Ciudad Juárez, city (1990 pop. 789,522) Chihuahua state, N Mexico, on the Rio Grande opposite El PasoEl Paso
, city (1990 pop. 515,342), seat of El Paso co., extreme W Tex., on the Rio Grande opposite Juárez, Mex.; inc. 1873. In a region of cattle ranches and cotton and vegetable farms (irrigated from the Elephant Butte Reservoir), the city is a port of entry and a
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, Tex. Connected with the United States by three international bridges, it is a shipping point and highway and rail terminus. It is also the commercial and processing center for the surrounding cotton-growing area. Except for the river valley, under intense cultivation southeast of the city, Juárez is hemmed in by desert. It has experienced extremely rapid population growth and has been a favored location for the placement of maquiladorasmaquiladoras
, Mexican assembly plants that manufacture finished goods for export to the United States. The maquiladoras are generally owned by non-Mexican corporations.
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, foreign-owned manufacturing plants that finish goods for sale in the United States.

Developing (1659) as the focal point for Spanish colonial expansion to the north, it was originally called El Paso del Norte and included settlements on both sides of the river, until they were split by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848), which ended the Mexican WarMexican War,
1846–48, armed conflict between the United States and Mexico. Causes

While the immediate cause of the war was the U.S. annexation of Texas (Dec., 1845), other factors had disturbed peaceful relations between the two republics.
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. In 1888 the name of the Mexican town was changed to honor Benito JuárezJuárez, Benito
, 1806–72, Mexican liberal statesman and national hero. Revered by Mexicans as one of their greatest political figures, Juárez, with great moral courage and honesty, upheld the civil law and opposed the privileges of the clericals and the army.
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, who made it his capital when exiled from central Mexico. The city was captured by Pascual Orozco and Francisco Villa in the early days of the revolution in 1910. From 2008 to 2011 the city was notorious as the most deadly scene of Mexico's drug-related violence.

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Dos organizaciones delictivas o dos pandillas, la de Los Mexicles y la de Los Artistas Asesinos--que tradicionalmente trabajaban para los intereses del Cartel de Sinaloa--se pasaron del lado del Cartel de Juarez, el cual tambien abandonaron.
This month's death tally from clashes between the Juarez and powerful Sinaloa drug cartels has topped 70, according to the Politico.
17 papal Mass, which was celebrated in Ciudad Juarez and broadcast to thousands at Sun Bowl Stadium in El Paso, the Pope's smiling image was plastered across the city on signs that read "Juarez Es Amor" (Juarez Is Love).
Donaire, who fought Juarez in Puerto Rico last December, barely survived the aggressive style of the Mexican boxer.
Some meetings between Juarez and a government informant were videotaped.
One lawyer for Juarez, Douglas Butz, told Reuters that neither complaint should diminish the award amount, saying, "The defense is raising every issue they can to try to deal with this verdict.
Juarez Acevedo was first introduced to Red Hat Enterprise Linux four years ago when Banco Azteca consolidated multiple existing platforms including Sun Solaris, HP UX and AIX and standardized on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Benito Juarez combatio la ignorancia, el oscurantismo y la traicion en momentos complejos; tuvo sus errores, si, nadie es perfecto.
Juarez was awarded a four-year contract after some impressive games for Pumas and Mexico's national team but made just 13 SPL starts.
Consul General in Ciudad Juarez Ian Brownlee and Foreign Service officer Javier Araujo, a Ciudad Juarez native who is on a four-month practicum with an El Paso/Juarez regional economic development organization.
Witnesses in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico described seeing a black pick-up truck ram into the ambulance and heavily armed men getting out to shoot.
2 million people of Ciudad Juarez have faced more violence since President Felipe Calderon declared a military offensive on drug-trafficking in December 2006.