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(40.) On 16 February 1991 there was a Scud missile impact in the immediate vicinity of an ammunition-laden pier at Al Jubayl. Importantly, a postwar evaluation observes that "initially, this event received a considerable amount of attention.
does it not indicate the Shia presence to the east of Jubayl just mentioned; it
The committee also looked into whether a chemical weapons attack in the Port of Jubayl could have made some veterans sick, as the Birmingham News had suggested.
Top priority went to corralling the oil in booms and cleaning up shoreline areas around key facilities, such as Saudi Arabia's Jubayl desalination plant -- the world's largest.
JUBAYL, Lebanon, Oct 19 (KUNA) -- Female economists in the Arab world should be given further support, Chair of the Arab Businesswomen Council (ABC) Sheikha Hessa Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah said on Wednesday.
During the buildup of Operation Desert Shield, the Saudi Arabian ports of Ad Dammam and Al Jubayl were congested with tens of thousands of military and commercially leased containers.
among place names, Arabic jubayl [diminutive form], "Byblos," vs.
Only the rural districts of Tyre, Bint Jubayl and Nabatiya were heavily Muslim (Shia), though even here there were Christian settlements.