Judas tree

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Judas tree:

see redbudredbud
or Judas tree,
name for trees and shrubs of the genus Cercis, handsome plants of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), covered along the branches in the early spring with deep rose or (rarely) white flowers resembling pea blossoms.
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Judas Tree


(Cercis siliquastrum), a tree of the family Leguminosae. It attains a height of 7 to 15 m. Its leaves are deciduous, round, blunt, entire, and deeply cordate at the base. The flowers are bisexual and bright pink in color, and grow in clusters of three to six on the stem, on old branches, and in leaf axils. The fruit is a flat, many-seeded pod. The tree blossoms in the spring, before leafing, and reproduces by seeds.

The Judas tree grows wild on rocky slopes and calcareous rocks in southern Europe and southwestern Asia. In the USSR it is found in the wild state in the Crimea, the Caucasus, and Middle Asia. It is cultivated chiefly as an ornamental, but its lumber is sometimes used in woodworking and its buds as a pungent seasoning in sauces.

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A tree that is not planted enough in Britain but that forms a dome head is Cercis siliquastrum, the Judas Tree.
Another beautiful and quite unusual tree is the Cercis Forest Pansy or Judas tree which has huge purple leaves and beautiful pinky-purple flowers that grow all down the stem.
MacMillan's The Prince of the Pagodas will be replaced by a triple bill of his works: Danses Concertantes in the original Georgiadis designs, Gloria, and his searing The Judas Tree.
HERE'S a tree with a story to tell - my No6 in the series, Cercis siliquastrum, is known as the Judas tree.
BCreate a dazzling summer show in containers and beds by choosing plants with colours from extreme ends of the spectrum ONE of the most arresting sights in the garden at Glebe Cottage at this time of year is a Judas tree, cercis siliquastrum.
Beautiful flowering trees that are appropriate for most garden sizes include the Judas tree and the flowering cherry blossoms.
There is a Judas tree, a wedding cake tree and an acer griseum or paper bark tree, and threaded everywhere through the trees and along the wall are many varieties of clematis.
Aided by her willingness to take risks, she created understandable and human characters with an underlying decency as the Madonna-Whore-Rape Victim in his The Judas Tree and as Mary Vetsera, Prince Rudolf's partner in suicide in Mayerling.
Well worth considering are lavenders, agaves, Erigeron, Judas tree, ornamental alliums, vines (either for fruiting or for the attractive foliage), species tulips, miniature cyclamen, iris and the more attractive looking vegetables grown in containers - for example, tomatoes, chilli peppers and aubergines.
And the only two new ballets--Kenneth MacMillan's The Judas Tree and David Bintley's Tombeaux--hardly set the Hudson on fire.
But if you try the box elder (Acer negundo, left), ericas or the pink flowered Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum), which need dry acid soils, you will likely have a flop on your hands.