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a leader of the peoples of Israel from Joshua's death to the accession of Saul

What does it mean when you dream about a judge?

A judge may represent an authority figure—in real life or in the dreamer’s psyche—who constantly condemns or criticizes spontaneous actions that are considered to be unruly and frivolous. A dream in which one feels guilty about committing a wrong may indicate a subconscious need to condemn one’s actions—self-judgment. Alternatively, judges may represent justice or good/bad judgment. (See also Court).

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The provision in question states that apart from the cases where the code clearly states the opposite, judicial officers are legally immune for acts or omissions carried out during the execution of their duties, even if the action exceeded their authority or even if there was a legal obligation to carry out the action that had been omitted.
The judicial officer determined that Lee was going for the ball, but in doing so, Lee's boot made contact with Care's face in a reckless manner, and that in his opinion, the offence warranted a red card," ERC said in a statement.
The judicial officer received unreserved assurances from Ian Foster, assistant coach, New Zealand, that the pre-season matches to be played by the Highlanders all had significant consequences.
The Judicial Officer received unreserved assurances from Ian Foster, Assistant Coach, New Zealand, the player and his legal representative that the pre-season matches to be played by the Highlanders during the weekends of 1, 8 and 15 February all had significant and meaningful consequences for the player in accordance with IRB Regulation 17.
This information is important both to lawyers who wish to effectively advocate for their clients and for judicial officers who are tasked with ultimately deciding if "reasonable efforts" have been made.
The government will now approach the Bombay High Court to seek its consent if the judicial officer, who recorded Kasab's statement, can also testify in a Pakistani court," the ministry official said.
041, Florida Statutes, shall be taken before a judicial officer for a first appearance within 24 hours of arrest.
Those who appear before magistrates are entitled to a judicial officer who is accorded at least the same degree of independence--protected by appropriate mechanisms as other courts.
3) The exceptions allow law enforcement officers to bypass the procedures of obtaining a warrant from a judicial officer when there is a determination that a significant government interest in searching without a warrant outweighs the interests of the individual.
The court denied summary judgment for the defendants on the issue of whether the sheriff's department failed to bring the detainee before a judicial officer within 72 hours after his arrest.
Summary: Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], September 5 (ANI): The Punjab and Haryana High Court on Tuesday gave ordered for a search operation to be conducted in the headquarters of Dera Sacha Sauda in Sirsa under the supervision of a judicial officer.
The most serious complaints will be referred to a specially convened Investigating Panel, with powers to compel witnesses to attend and produce documents, and make orders that a judicial officer undergo a medical examination.