Judicial Procedure

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Judicial Procedure


the procedure for the consideration of criminal cases (criminal procedure) and civil cases (civil procedure).

In the USSR, criminal procedure is defined by the Basic Principles of Criminal Procedure (1958) and the codes of criminal procedure of the Union republics. Civil procedure is defined by the Basic Principles of Civil Procedure (1961) and the codes of civil procedure of the Union republics. Soviet criminal procedure, in its full complement of norms, is aimed at the full and expeditious solution of crimes, the exposure of the guilty, and the correct application of the law—so that anyone who commits a crime receives just punishment and so that no innocent person is brought to trial and convicted. It promotes increased legality and improved crime prevention and eradication. Civil procedure ensures the proper and expeditious consideration and resolution of civil cases for the purpose of preserving the state and social order of the USSR, the socialist economy and socialist property, and the defense of the rights and legally protected interests of citizens, state institutions, enterprises, kolkhozes, and other cooperative and public organizations. Judicial procedure is founded on such principles as legality, administration of justice solely by the courts, publicity of proceedings, equal rights for all participants in the judicial process, and directness, continuity, and the oral nature of judicial examination.

Legislation on judicial procedure regulates the basic principles involved in the consideration of cases by bodies of the court, bodies of investigation, and bodies of inquiry. It also regulates the rights and duties of participants in the judicial process at the various stages of the process, the procedure for evaluating evidence and employing measures of restraint, the procedure for the court’s rendering of a sentence, ruling, or decision, the procedure for appeals and review, and the procedure for execution of the court’s sentence, ruling, or decision.

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(59) As seen in thousands of summary and formal criminal cases, judicial procedure, in its various forms, was customarily followed in the lower courts of Mexico City, despite the burgeoning caseload, staffing concerns, and growing fear of crime and other forms of social disorder.
A discussion within biblical scholarship, now into its fourth decade, is important for this topic and has focused mainly on texts in the book of Deuteronomy having to do with judicial procedure (e.g., Deut.
This year's celebration of the anniversary of the promulgation of the Code of Personal Status (CPS) in 1956, which bans polygamy and creates a judicial procedure for divorce, takes place against a backdrop of controversy between the Ennahdha-dominated Government and women rights' activists worried about threats to women's rights in Tunisia.
Though released after a court order on August 6, the young woman is still not free to leave the country as the judicial procedure against her is ongoing.
These include the French nobility, French judicial procedure, and the changing nature of diplomacy and warfare in this period.
According to Sharia law, they were killed in Riyadh today following judicial procedure.
When contacted the legal experts said two chairmen of NAB including Naveed Ahsan and Justice (Retd) Dildar Shah fell victims to two conflicts earlier and now Fasih Bokhari the sitting chairman of NAB has sent his resignation to the president expressing his concerns over judicial procedure.
Muscat: The divorce rate in India, especially in the bigger cities, is increasing rapidly in spite of a longer judicial procedure, according to Vandana Shah, a leading social activist, UN peace delegate and author of a humorous book on divorce.
There were five 'amicable settlements' where state-to-state cooperation led to goods being returned without having recourse to a judicial procedure. Examples include the United Kingdom's return of 18th century manuscripts to Portugal and Portugal's returning to Spain a painting by Frederico Madrazo Kuntz.
The amounts of bribes are estimated, according to the Italian judicial procedure, at USD 197 million paid as commissions to Pearl Parteners Limited, based in Hong Kong and owned by Farid Bedjaoui, according to the Italian press reports.

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