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a circus art; the ability to toss up and catch several objects (no less than three) in a certain rhythm.

Juggling was practiced in China, Japan, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. During the Middle Ages, juggling acts were performed by wandering actors.

In the modern circus juggling is often tied in with acrobatics, tightrope walking, animal training, and clowning. Variations of juggling are performed on the ground (in the pit), on horseback, on ladders, or on the wire. Juggling with great weights is known as force juggling. Jugglers act solo, in twos, and in groups. Many juggling acts are dramatized. E. Rastelli, the great 20th-century juggler who performed in the Rus-sian circus, created complicated tricks and had a great influence on the development of the juggling style. Performers who have been especially successful in the modern Soviet circus include A. N. and V. N. Kiss, the Aberts, G. T. Petrovskii, N. A. Shirai, K. M. Nikol’skii, and the equestrian juggler N. L. Ol’khovnikov.

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Mime artists, musicians and knife jugglers were among the scores of kooky performers vying for the attention of droves of bank holiday tourists.
CIRCUS Moscow State Circus This show, called Gostinitsa, promises thrilling performances from clowns, acrobats, unicyclists, foot jugglers and trapeze artists.
From the moment the four dancers and four jugglers emerge onto the Pontio Arts & Innovation Centre stage they enthralled the audience during the hour long performance.
Rana Riri, a businesswoman, also said that Arab communities need a great laugh at this moment and jugglers and jokers do it very well at the circus.
This ability is not one that defined the task of jugglers of this period, or earlier.
Performers, including trapeze artists, handstanders and jugglers all starred on the opening night in the main hall of the 19th century building.
The event was hosted by juggler Wally Eastwood -- not only one of the best jugglers, but also an excellent compere -- making the show interactive, with the audience rolling with laughter at his jokes.
CLOWNS, jugglers and acrobats have returned to Liverpool's Sefton Park with the Moscow State Circus.
What makes difference on the bulging pockets of religio-political party if I am paid Rs 2000 to attend its much trumpeted procession in the name of reforms which have lost its meaning in this country where every leader is juggler and we are the masses who dance to the tune of these political jugglers, said Jamil Ahmad, a citizen while down playing the critical remarks passed on him by another citizen on receipt of Rs 2000 for his pledge to participate in the marathon race of manipulations and well knit maneuvers.
Magicians, jugglers, comedians and acrobats filled areas throughout Terminal 1 delighting guests with live busker performances featuring International award winning duo, Dream State Circus and Cirque Mechanics founder, Chris Lashua.
Summary: Filipino jugglers introduce contact juggling to Manila, making acrylic balls appear to float in mid-air.
Renowned French Jugglers this week flexed their carny skills and juggled ropes during their tour entitled "Out of Lines" held on Tuesday at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN).