Juhan Lilienbach

Lilienbach, Juhan


Born Oct. 12 (24), 1870, in the village of Paatna, now in Rakvere Raion; died May 9, 1928, in Leningrad. Estonian poet and publisher.

Lilienbach fought in the Revolution of 1905–07. He published illustrated books for workers— Edasi (Forward, 1905–17)—and a series of satirical magazines. He was repeatedly persecuted. Lilienbach’s book of poetry, Morning Songs, appeared in 1909; it is imbued with faith in the victory of the proletarian revolution. He published the works of E. Vilde, E. Särgava-Peterson, and such proletarian writers as Eessaare Aadu and V. Mölder-Proletarlane.

Lilienbach participated in the Great October Socialist Revolution. In 1918 he headed the Estland Labor Commune Publishing House, which became the publishing house of the Estonian Communist Party in Leningrad.


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