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see Dugdale, Richard LouisDugdale, Richard Louis
, 1841–83, American social investigator, b. Paris. While inspecting (1874) county jails for the New York Prison Association, he developed data for his famous study of the Jukes (fictitious name of a real family) published as
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Then Jukes was directed in the same subdued voice to keep the forward 'tween-deck clear of cargo.
Wanchee look see, all same look see can do," said Jukes, who having no talent for foreign languages mangled the very pidgin-English cruelly.
With his mouth and hands he made exuberant motions of eating rice and washing clothes; and the Chinaman, who concealed his distrust of this pantomime under a collected demeanour tinged by a gentle and refined melancholy, glanced out of his almond eyes from Jukes to the hatch and back again.
Jukes, unable to generalize, unmarried, and unengaged, was in the habit of opening his heart after another fashion to an old chum and former shipmate, actually serving as second officer on board an Atlantic liner.
Jukes to his chum in the Western ocean trade, out of the fulness of his heart and the liveliness of his fancy.
If the world had been full of such men, life would have probably appeared to Jukes an unentertaining and unprofitable business.
Paul Jukes, 46, of Church Road, Dodleston, near Chester, was jailed for nine months and ordered to pay PS7,000 prosecution costs at Liverpool Crown Court on December 15, 2016.
Boxing night with Cajuns The Jukes will be at the Vic's Boxing Night gig IN a tradition which dates back to 1984, the annual Boxing Night Bop at the Victoria hotel in Menai Bridge with the Jukes and friends takes place on Tuesday, December 26.
Matt Jukes, the force's serving deputy chief constable, is to be promoted to the top job following the announcement that Peter Vaughan will retire in December.
Available as options on both SL and SL Turbo model Jukes, two packs are available depending on the specific market.
There are more than 2200 Jukes in stock right now, with prices starting at as little as PS6995.
John Jukes was locked up by Teesside Crown Court yesterday after admitting three counts of voyeurism and 15 counts of making indecent images and videos of four underage girls - some in the most serious category.