Jules Combarieu

Combarieu, Jules


Born Feb. 3, 1859, in Cahors; died July 7, 1915, in Paris. French music scholar.

Combarieu researched ancient French secular music. He is the author of the fundamental study History of Music From Its Origins to the Beginning of the Twentieth Century (vols. 1–3, 1913–19; Russian translation, chapters from vol. 1 in Frantsuzskaia muzyka XVI veka, 1932) and such works on music theory as The Relationship Between Music and Poetry (1894), Essay in Musical Philology (vols. 1–3,1897–1909), and Music: Its Laws and Evolution (1907). Despite the wealth of factual material and careful musical analysis in his works, Combarieu maintained an idealistic interpretation of the laws of the development of music.

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The French scholar Jules Combarieu described the union most eloquently when he explained that "music is the art of thinking with sound," and no one wants other people listening in on their thoughts.
One of the strengths of this book, though, is that Caballero also provides a wealth of information about and insight into some of the ostensibly more minor characters of the time (such as Jules Combarieu), as well as the huge multitude of practicing music critics now forgotten.