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Dassin, (Julius) Jules

(1911–  ) movie director; born in Middletown, Conn. (husband of Melina Mercouri). Beginning as a short subject director, he then made slice-of-life features such as The Naked City (1948). Forced into exile by the McCarthy witch hunt of the early 1950s, he directed such films as Rififi (1955) and Never on Sunday (1960).
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Even better are Vogel's account of a would-be with-it press screening for Jules Dassin's Uptight and Seligson on the celebrity-studded premiere of Charles Henri Ford's Johnny Minotaur: "'I only go to dirty films,' [Tennessee] Williams said smirking, 'and I liked Johnny Minotaur."'
As an actress she achieved international stardom with a number of features directed by the American director Jules Dassin, whom she married and collaborated with on nine films.
Giunto poco oltre i settant'anni, uno dei monumenti del nostro cinema si abbandona a un impronosticabile bigottismo: a suo giudizio, i giovani criminali di Jules Dassin, la conturbante ragazzina di Nabokov e Kubrick, il Pasolini di Salo hanno malamente inciso sulla societa, ne hanno traviato i costumi, hanno corrotto le nuove generazioni, inquinato gli animi di navigati cineasti facendone emblemi di un'arte ormai incline al piu volgare prossenetismo (Carbone 1; Casazza 8).
For some reason, I kept recalling the final scene in Jules Dassin's 1962 film, Phaedra, and Anthony Perkins' last shocking drive (accompanied by music by Bach).
Prime focuses primarily on the careers of Carl Foreman, Michael Wilson, Joseph Losey, John Berry, and Jules Dassin, concluding: "As Hollywood-trained, European-based professionals, they critically and materially facilitated the transatlantic economic and artistic exchange that had become a fundamental component of American and European film culture by the mid-1960s" (180).
There are the films on Harry Caine's shelves: Fritz Lang, Jules Dassin, Fanny & Alexander, Eight and a Half.
Some are famous (Jules Dassin, Faith and John Hubley, Ring Lardner, Jr.).
In Jules Dassin's 1948 black-and-white noir classic, The Naked City, the narrator ends the film with the famous lines: "There are eight million stories in the naked city.
In March of that year, director Jules Dassin's The Naked City was released.
Jules Dassin. Go easy on the elongated Gallic vowel sounds when pronouncing the name "Jules Dassin." Contrary to popular belief, the auteur behind the classic caper movie Rififi was not a Frenchman: He was a Jew from Harlem who was blacklisted from McCarthy-era Hollywood, moved to Paris, and, cinematically speaking, went native.
Adorno, Brecht, Charlie Chaplin, Harold Clurman, Jules Dassin, William Dieterle, Max Horkheimer, Herb Kline, Fritz Lang, Odets, Max Reinhardt, Jean Renoir, and Schoenberg.