Dumont d'Urville, Jules Sébastien César

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Dumont d'Urville, Jules Sébastien César

(zhül sābästyăN` sāzär` dümôN` dürvēl`), 1790–1842, French navigator. While on duty (1819–20) in the E Mediterranean, he saw and recognized the importance of the newly discovered Venus of Milo and was influential in having the Louvre secure it. In 1822–25, while serving on the Coquille, he surveyed the Falklands, Tahiti and other Pacific islands, and New Holland (W Australia). In 1826–29 he commanded the Astrolabe in a voyage around the world; searching for the ill-fated La PérouseLa Pérouse, Jean François de Galaup, comte de
, 1741–c.1788, French navigator. A naval captain, in 1785 he took command of two frigate French government expedition that was to search for the Northwest Passage from the Pacific side and to explore along the
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 expedition, he explored Fiji and many other islands of Oceania, the New Zealand coast, and the Moluccas. With the Astrolabe and the Zelée he made a second circumnavigation in 1837–40, and in 1840 he penetrated the ice pack south of New Zealand and discovered the Adélie Coast region in Antarctica.


See A. Gurney, The Race to the White Continent (2000).

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Jules Dumont d'Urville propuso al Ministerio de marina en Mayo de 1825, un viaje alrededor del mundo.
En 1842 Jules Dumont d'Urville murio en accidente del ferrocarril que cubria el trayecto de Paris a Versalles.
The quality and detail of Thomas's coverage are especially notable for the following: missionary efforts and their ultimate success in most islands, thickly described for Polynesia; the construction of popular Western images of the Pacific through the voyages and writing of explorers, like James Cook and Jules Dumont d'Urville; the British annexation of Fiji and its historical effects; the impact of firearms, which not only upset former relations between islanders, but on Tahiti and Hawai'i resulted in one chief conquering large regions; France's colonization of the Society Islands, the Marquesas, and New Caledonia; and the story of Rapa Nui ("Easter Island"), including the horrible effects of diseases and forced labor (blackbirding) in Peru in mines and on plantations.
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When Jules Dumont D'Urville bought the statue from a Greek peasant in 1810, she was in full possession of the limbs in question, only for them to be snapped off in the ensuing tussle over ownership between French and Turkish soldiers.