Juliana of Norwich

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Juliana of Norwich

(nôr`ĭch), d. c.1443, English religious writer, an anchoress, or hermit, of Norwich called Mother (or Dame) Juliana or Julian. Her work, completed c.1393, Revelations of Divine Love, is an expression of mystical fervor in the form of 16 visions of Jesus. Dominant ideas are the great love of God for men and the detestable character of human sin. She is considered one of the greatest English mystics.


See edition of her book by G. Tyrell, S.J. (1920); study by P. F. Chambers (1955).

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Similarly, Juliana of Norwich desired to share Christ's sufferings and to receive three wounds: true contrition, natural compassion, and unshakable longing.
If you want religious language that echoes Bohmian implicate order, look to Meister Eckhart, Juliana of Norwich, "The Cloud of Unknowing," or contemporary writers like Thomas Merton, Joyce Rupp, Diarmuid O'Murchu.