Julio Argentino Roca

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Roca, Julio Argentino


Born July 17, 1843, in Tucu-mán; died Oct. 19, 1914, in Buenos Aires. Argentine state and political figure; general.

In 1878 and 1879, Roca led a punitive expedition against the Indians of the Patagonia region. During the years 1880–86 and 1898–1904, he served as Argentina’s president. These years saw the seizure of Indian lands by Argentine landowners and foreign capitalists and the militarization of the country. Roca facilitated the strengthening of the position of foreign, primarily British, capital within the country. In 1913 and 1914 he was ambassador to Brazil.

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Para el caso de uno de los periodicos analizados -que recuerda el desenlace de la novela Todo se desmorona, de Chinua Achebe--la autora identifica en manos de que sector habia sucumbido la independencia politica que tanto habia enfrentado a los editores: el Partido Autonomista Nacional, cuyo candidato Julio Argentino Roca, se convertiria en Presidente en 1880.
(3) Julio Argentino Roca preparo 6.000 hombres de caballeria movil, y en julio de 1878 entro en lucha armada con los aborigenes.
It is recounted that General Julio Argentino Roca decided to become a rancher when he married Clara Funes, who had inherited a part of what had been given to the Jesuits for their private use at Santa Catalina.