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in the New Testament, centurion in whose charge Paul was sent to Rome.
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Welland was thinking: "It's a mistake for Ellen to be seen, the very day after her arrival, parading up Fifth Avenue at the crowded hour with Julius Beaufort--" and the young man himself mentally added: "And she ought to know that a man who's just engaged doesn't spend his time calling on married women.
To have a Julius Laspara put in my way as if expressly to remind me of my purpose is-- Write, he had said.
Julius Handford, who had been publicly entreated to appear, and for intelligence of whom a reward had been publicly offered!
I saw him as Mr Julius Handford, and I afterwards (unquestionably to his knowledge) took great pains to trace him out.
I take the liberty,' said Mr Inspector, in a business-like manner, 'to bring myself to the recollection of Mr Julius Handford, who gave me his name and address down at our place a considerable time ago.
Boris Collardi has resigned from Julius Baer as CEO.
Julius Nyerere International Airport is the international airport of Dar es Salaam, the largest city in Tanzania.
This was one of the insights included in the latest Asia Wealth Report of Swiss private bank Julius Baer, released Oct.
Daisy Harris; INVESTIGATING JULIUS DRAKE; Triton (Children's: Young Adult Fiction) ISBN: 9781626494480
Betting giant William Hill voided Julius Ndlovu's windfall, saying their odds of 2,000-1 for Roger Federer to win a set 6-3 was an employee's mistake.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 4, 2016-Jupai issues new shares to Julius Baer, SINA
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 4, 2016-Jupai issues new shares to Julius Baer, SINA