Julius Ernst Lips

Lips, Julius Ernst


Born Sept. 8, 1895, in Saarbrücken; died Jan. 21, 1950, in Leipzig. German ethnographer.

Lips was director of the Cologne Ethnographic Museum and a professor at Cologne University (from 1929). In 1933 he resigned from his posts as a sign of protest against the Nazi regime and emigrated. From 1934 to 1948 he lectured at a number of universities in the United States. From 1948 to 1950 he was a professor and rector at the University of Leipzig. Lips was a follower of F. Graebner’s Kulturkreislehre school; in his later years, Lips broke away from this school and gravitated toward Marxism. He wrote works on the peoples of Africa and North America and on general questions of cultural history.


Proiskhozhdenie veshchei. Moscow, 1954. (Translated from German.)
Fallensysteme der Naturvölker. Leipzig, 1927.
Einleitung in die vergleichende Völkerkunde. Leipzig, 1928.
The Savage Hits Back .... London, 1937.
Zelte in der Wildnis. Vienna, 1947.
Forschungsreise in die Dämmerung. Weimar, 1950.
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Men like Otto Nathan, who went to teach at Howard University in Washington, D.C., or Ernst Borinski, at Tougaloo College, Mississippi, or Julius Ernst Lips, also of Howard, were in asort of treble Jeopardy.