Julius Leopold Fredrik Krohn

Krohn, Julius Leopold Fredrik


(pseudonym, Suonio). Born May 19, 1835, in Viipuri, now Vyborg, USSR; died Aug. 28, 1888. Finnish poet, literary critic, linguist, and public figure. Editor of a number of journals.

Krohn’s History of Finnish Literature (1897), supplemented and published by K. Krohn, was written from the point of view of what was known as the Fennoman movement, which was directed against Swedish influence in all areas of life. He was the author of the Kanteletar Studies (published 1900 to 1902). He employed the historical-geographical method of the Finnish school of folklorists in his studies of folk art. Krohn also wrote a collection entitled Verses (1865), which dealt chiefly with patriotic and religious themes, and Stories About Finnish History, as well as romanticized historical sketches entitled Stories of the Moon (1860), similar in many ways to the short stories of H. C. Andersen. Krohn drowned in 1888 in the Gulf of Finland.


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