Julius Paulus

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Paulus, Julius


Years of birth and death unknown. Roman jurist of the third century.

Paulus was the author of more than 300 books on diverse problems of law. His most famous works are Commentaries on the Praetorian Edict (80 books) and A Treatise on Civil Law (16 books). Paulus’ works are distinguished by their encyclopedic grasp of all of legal history and literature and by precise juridical analysis. In time, 426 of Paulus’ writings acquired the force of law. About one-sixth of Justinian’s Digest is composed of fragments taken from Paulus.

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In third-century Rome, Julius Paulus Prudentissimus, chief legal advisor to Emperor Severus Alexander, described the fundamental rationale for a government-issued currency using terms that remain familiar to modern monetary economists.
The content of the Lex Rhodia, regarding the maritime law code, is known to us only via secondary sources, such as Julius Paulus, referenced elsewhere herein.