July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013


Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Brady Day (Second week in July)

Cape Vincent French Festival (Saturday before July 14)

Chilseog (Seventh day of the seventh lunar month)

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Fur Trade Days (Second weekend in July)

Green River Rendezvous (Second weekend in July)

Guthrie Folk Festival (Week of July 14)

Lindenfest (Second weekend in July)

Moose Dropping Festival (Second weekend in July)

Moxie Festival (Second weekend in July)

National Cherry Festival (Second week in July)

North American Indian Days (Second week in July)

Schutzengelfest (Second Sunday in July)

Winnipeg Folk Festival (Second weekend in July)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Bastille DayFrance
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06 between July 14, 2013 and February 10, 2015 but a judge said she is in no financial position to pay it back.
The Egyptian defendants are charged with facilitating the vandalizing of the Giza Plateau from July 14, 2013 until September 9, 2013.
Nicole Kissane, 30, began sweeping the country on her anti-fur campaign on July 14, 2013, in San Diego, California, when she and her boyfriend vandalized a clothing store named Furs by Graf.
Jeanne Elsie Summers, 78, fell and broke her ankle while a patient at the Infirmary on July 14, 2013.
Christine Anne Jones, 21, was involved in a collision with dad-of-two Richard Carson in Bangor, Co Down, on July 14, 2013.
0% Source: IRI For the 12 weeks ended July 14, 2013.
6) Maria Golovnina and Jibran Ahmad, "Pakistan Taliban Set Up Camps in Syria, Join Anti-Assad War," Reuters, July 14, 2013.
At a time when consumers are still feeling financially pinched, wine prices were up about 4 percent for the 52 weeks ending July 14, 2013, as reported by IRI.
Share of Market by Varietal 52 weeks through July 14, 2013 RIESLING 3% WHITE ZINFANDEL 5% SAUVIGNON BLANC 6% PINOT NOIR 8% RED BLENDS 8% MERLOT 11% PINOT GRIGIO 11% CABERNET SAUVIGNON 20% CHARDONNAY 27% Source: IRi, Wines & Vines Note: Table made from pie chart.
The Florida Department of Corrections (DOC) has partnered with Sesame Workshop, a longtime children's program, to aid and support children, inmates and families who are dealing with the circumstances of incarceration, the DOC announced on July 14, 2013.
Which WichEeA Superior Sandwiches, an award-winning, international fast casual sandwich concept, will open its doors in the UAE on July 14, 2013.
Stefanski, 34, of Auburn, passed away on Sunday, July 14, 2013.