July 28

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July 28


Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Cheyenne Frontier Days (Last full week of July)

Chincoteague Pony Swim and Auction (Wednesday before the last Thursday in July) Jul 28, 2021

Crop Over (Last three weeks in July to first Monday in August)

Days of '76 (Last week in July)

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Ghanafest (Last Saturday of July) Jul 28, 2012; Jul 28, 2018

'Ksan Celebrations (Friday evenings in July and August) Jul 28, 2017; Jul 28, 2023

Merengue Festival (Last week in July-first week in August)

Procession of the Penitents (Last Sunday in July) Jul 28, 2013; Jul 28, 2019
Celebrated in: Belgium, Spain

RAGBRAI (Last full week in July)

Reek Sunday (Last Sunday in July) Jul 28, 2013; Jul 28, 2019

Legal Holidays by Countries

Anniversary of the Fall of FascismSan Marino
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A house on Central Avenue was entered on July 28 by a side door.
Armento - Adrienne Patricia Armento, 82, of Eugene died July 28.
Polling for eight reserved seats shall take place on July 28.
July 28 July 27 Difference New York Dow Jones 10,513.
La Mesa-based Robert Kevane was profiled and Palo Alto-based Florence Rust was quoted in a July 28 WebCPA.
Bishop Peric also recalled that, during the Bosnian bishops' ad limina visit, Pope Benedict XVI had himself raised doubts about the authenticity of the apparitions (Wanderer, July 13, 2006; New Freeman, July 28 and August 4, 2006).
Dunston Library, Ceramic Experience, July 28 and August 11, 10am-noon.
For the 13 weeks ended July 28 Kmart reported net income of $155 million, or $1.
Tuesday July 27 / Wednesday July 28 / Thursday July 29.
The Federal Reserve Board and the New York State Banking Department on July 28, 2003, jointly announced the execution of a written agreement among J.