July 29, 2018

July 29, 2018


Baths of Caracalla (First week in July to second week in August)

Bologna Festival (Last full weekend in July)

Cheyenne Frontier Days (Last full week of July)

Chief Joseph Days (Last full weekend in July)

Crom Dubh Sunday (Last Sunday in July)

Crop Over (Last three weeks in July to first Monday in August)

Days of '76 (Last week in July)

Dog Days (July 3-August 11)

Gilroy Garlic Festival (Last full weekend in July)

Lumberjack World Championships (Last weekend in July)

Manitoba Sunflower Festival (Last weekend in July)

Merengue Festival (Last week in July-first week in August)

Nordic Fest (Last full weekend in July)

Pardon of Ste. Anne d'Auray (Last weekend in July)

Procession of the Penitents (Last Sunday in July)
Celebrated in: Belgium, Spain

RAGBRAI (Last full week in July)

Reek Sunday (Last Sunday in July)

Virginia Scottish Games (Fourth weekend in July)
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As a result of FAB's failure to comply with the notice to produce and its unwillingness to engage in an open and constructive manner with the QFCRA, the QFCRA initiated proceedings on July 29, 2018 in the QFC Civil and Commercial Court to require compliance by FAB with the documentation request.
According to CNEOS, the last time the asteroid approached Earth was on July 29, 2018. During this time, the asteroid flew at a distance of 0.10267 astronomical units or roughly 9.5 million miles from the planet.
Born on June 27, 1954, Epiphanius was named bishop in 2013 and headed the Anba Makar Monestary until his murder on July 29, 2018. His killers, monks Isaiah Macarius and Valtawa Maqari, were sentenced to death on April 24, 2019.
"We remain firm in our stand that Cambodian people in Japan definitively cannot accept the result of the July 29, 2018 election,' he said, adding that he was unsure how many people would participate in the protests.
The Audi had failed to stop for West Midlands Police and was pursued along Kingsland Road when the crash took place on the evening of July 29, 2018.
It would be recalled that on July 29, 2018, Parliament approved a 'Master Project Support Agreement (MPSA)' between Ghana and Sinohydro Corporation Limited for the construction of urgent infrastructural projects, which was laid before the august house by Mr.
'Inappropriate,' a Higher Court Ruled, Washington Post, July 29, 2018, available at https://www.washingtonpost.
In Europe, it's not happening"--Vox.com, July 29, 2018.
FILE PHOTO: Zimbabwe's former president Robert Mugabe gestures during a news conference at his private residence nicknamed "Blue Roof" in Harare, Zimbabwe, July 29, 2018. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko/ MANILA BULLETIN
For the fiscal year ended July 29, 2018, Martin's had more than USD 450m in net sales.
Bock, 22, of West Frankfort was sentenced to three years in the Illinois Department of Corrections for an incident of motor vehicle theft that occurred July 29, 2018.
A Russian warship participated in the multilateral naval exercise AMAN-2017 from 10-14 February 2017 and PNS Aslat visited Saint Petersburg and participated in Russia's Navy Day celebrations on July 29, 2018.