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jumping bean:

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, common name for members of the Euphorbiaceae, a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees of greatly varied structure and almost cosmopolitan distribution, although most species are tropical. In the United States the family is most common in the Southeast.
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Both eyes sprung open like determined little Mexican jumping beans. I shoved on my glasses, brought the chair back to the hallway, reached up and pulled the electrical plug right out of the smoke detector.
On Californian oaks there are close relatives of British gall-causing wasps whose galls have the same characteristics as Mexican 'jumping beans'.
Jumping Beans Nursery in Pembroke Dock and Happy Days Childcare in Milford Haven have been given awards from the Welsh Assembly Government under its Welsh Network of Healthy Schools schemes.
And not just poets or television hosts or bandleaders (Nelson Riddle stops by for "Calmnesses"): even the folks you pass by on a stupefied stroll through the internet video emporium, as in "VI Tall Ships," the last section of "Sestina": We'll all get our curtain call, though few have what you'd really call an act: Guy at the Coke Dispenser, Babe Serving Thin-Crust Pizza, Dude Selling Charity Coupon Booklets; Girl Removing Dead Mexican Jumping Beans and Replacing Them with Live Jumping Beans.
Jumping Beans Jack and Bean Man have fun pretending to be Mexican jumping beans, getting plenty of physical activity in the process.
(Well, during "Borreguita" the pint-sized patrons were literally bouncing for joy, like so many jumping beans.)
A celebrated dispute in the Cafe Cyrano had pitted him against Andre Breton; it was about the little objects you know as jumping beans. The jumping beans, which contain minute creatures, had been brought back from Mexico for Andre Breton, and on the table in the Cafe Cyrano people were watching the little things leaping about.
"Son, it's not important whether you win or lose," a somewhat sheepish father next to us told his son apologetically I had just given him a nasty stare as he and his seven-year-old leaped around like a pair of Mexican jumping beans and high-fived each other after their car finished first in the heat.
His series Belonging was a hip and sexy drama set in the Valleys but his new series The Bench is amazing, pulling in half a million viewers last week and getting the executives in Llandaff all jumping up and down like so many deranged Mexican jumping beans.
"There are about thirty people jumping around like Mexican jumping beans," he says.
BEAN DREAMS (IPHONE/IPAD) FUN with jumping beans as a child was limited.