June 9

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June 9


Airing the Classics (Sixth day of sixth lunar month) Jun 9, 2016

Boston Pops (First week in May through middle of July)

Kamehameha Celebration (Second Monday in June) Jun 9, 2014

National Agriculture Fair at Santarem (10 days beginning first Friday in June)

National Family Month (Second Sunday in May through the third Sunday in June)

Race Unity Day (Second Sunday in June) Jun 9, 2013; Jun 9, 2019

Wood Art Festival (Second Sunday in June) Jun 9, 2013; Jun 9, 2019

Legal Holidays by Countries

King Abdullah's Accession to the ThroneJordan
National Heroes DayUganda
Queen Elizabeth II BirthdayAustralia, Bermuda, Papua New Guinea
Whit MondayAntigua and Barbuda, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Republic of Congo
Whitsun MondayAndorra
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para]]Vance Parker, JD, MBA, Estate Planning Attorney will join the list of expert panelists at June 9th Fearless Caregiver Conference.
CAIRO, May 30 (KUNA) -- An Egyptian court on Saturday adjourned issuance of a verdict in the case of "Port Said stadium" incidents from early February to June 9th.
com)-- Tab Edwards, the bestselling author of 10 books and a Principal with The Water Group, will be delivering a seminar on June 9th at 7PM EST at The Friends Center in downtown Philadelphia.
During the meeting, the Egyptian Minister received an invitation from President of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Head of the Secretariat of the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions Kasym Jomart Tokayev to participate at the V Congress, which would take place on June 10-11 this year in Astana, as well as at the fourteenth session of the Secretariat of the interfaith forum, scheduled for June 9th.
JUNE 9th is a true Geordie date, 69 years ago a local lad met his fate Not down below under the big pit wheel But outside a French village called Ranville He was part of our D-Day team Both my parents held in highest esteem, If duty had called could we have done the same, Even though me and my brother share his name.
Sculptor Martin Jennings will unveil the statue of Dickens reading in a chair on June 9th, the 133rd anniversary of the author's death, the Telegraph reported.
Funeral Service to be held at Reeth Methodist Chapel, Swaledale on Saturday June 9th at 2.
m on Thursday, June 9th at Bellows-Falso Funeral Chapel, 160 River Road, Lincoln, RI.
Following his visit to Bulgaria Assistant Secretary Johnson will lead the United States delegation to the US-EU Drugs Troika meeting on June 9th in Brussels.
The Draft will be completed on Wednesday, June 9th.
Funeral Service at Yardley Crematorium on Tuesday, June 9th, at 11.
Mary's Church, Elmbridge WR9 0DA on Tuesday June 9th at 12.