June bug

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June bug,

name for June beetleJune beetle
or May beetle,
a blackish or mahogany-colored beetle of the scarab beetle family, widely distributed in North America and especially abundant in the NE United States and the adjacent parts of Canada.
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 and mayflymayfly,
any insect of the order Ephemeroptera, so named because the adults live for a short time, often only a single day, during which they molt twice, mate, and lay their eggs in freshwater.
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In 2011 I served as associate artistic director of Junebug
Mama JuneBug was hanging laundry on the clothes line when her kitty boy blew through the sheets as fast as his legs could churn.
Other gigs on Friday include Joseph Leo at The Castle in Abergele, Jonah Cage at The Plough in St Asaph and Junebug and Martyn Ellis at The North in Rhyl.
Back in 2005, "Junebug" launched more than just Amy Adams' career, though writer Angus MacLachlan has taken considerably longer to follow through on the charming, humanist sensibility auds found so appealing about his first feature-length script.
The bass weighed 4.5kg and I caught it on a Junebug lizard.
Included: Adams talks about her work in the films "American Hustle,'' "Junebug'' and "Enchanted.''
Another band from out west journeying east, Glasgow acoustic-rock band Junebug are currently on a coheadlining tour to promote their latest single You & I.Taking their musical tips from chief influences Stereophonics and Blondie, word has it this hard-working mob are well worth handing over a few pounds to check out.
Morrison hasn't made a film since 2005's "Junebug," his extraordinary feature debut about a troubled southern homecoming (Morrison and "Junebug" screenwriter Angus MacLaughlan hail from North Carolina; "Almost Christmas" scribe Gibson is Canadian).
Jack Caldwell, the hero and teen sleuth of two previous Reid novels, Longleaf (Junebug, 2007) and Space (Junebug, 2008), returns to Mabama for yet another adventure.
Strong album tracks include Junebug,which has already been a hit single in Germany and Switzerland, Hallways and Mescaline.
She's had two best supporting actress Oscar nominations for Junebug (2005) and Doubt (2009), with the brilliant fantasy movie Enchanted in between.
In the daytime, most firefliesAuthere are about 2,000 species of them worldwide, 200 in the United StatesAulook like a second cousin to the junebug. But at night, chemical reactions produce a glowstick light from their abdomens, each tiny bug worth about 1/40th of a candle.