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English political author, known only by the signature Junius, which he signed to various letters written to the London Public Advertiser from Jan., 1769, to Jan., 1772, attacking George III and his ministers. The letters, centering on John WilkesWilkes, John,
1727–97, English politician and journalist. He studied at the Univ. of Leiden, returned to England in 1746, and purchased (1757) a seat in Parliament.
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 and the controversy over the Middlesex election, were written by a passionate opponent of the government familiar with secret government matters. Junius used scandal and invective rather than argument as his major tools of attack. The letters were reprinted by the publisher of the Advertiser in 1772, and a new edition, with additional letters, appeared in 1812. Although the identity of Junius has never been definitely established, the political beliefs, handwriting, and life of Sir Philip FrancisFrancis, Sir Philip,
1740–1818, British statesman and pamphleteer. He may have been the author known as Junius. He held several minor posts in government offices before being appointed to the council of Bengal in 1773.
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 have led many to ascribe the authorship to him. Arguments have also been offered in favor of the authorship of Lord ShelburneShelburne, William Petty Fitzmaurice, 2d earl of,
1737–1805, British statesman. He served briefly (1763) as president of the Board of Trade in George Grenville's cabinet but then became a supporter of William
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 and of Laughlin Macleane, British army surgeon and secretary to Shelburne.
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It is alleged that Junius tried to grab and kiss the chambermaid, who said he had offered her money for sex before she ran away.
During his long and productive life (he was born in 1591 and died in 1677), Junius worked intensively on classical literature and art history, before he turned to the Germanic languages.
Wilkes and Junius neither exonerate nor convict the king; as Peter Cochran observes, "George is proven neither guilty [nor] guiltless.
Art and Antiquity in the Netherlands and Britain: The Vernacular Arcadia of Franciscus Junius (1591-1677)
This is the view of Junius Mungunda, Chief Executive of Standard Bank Namibia.
From that, and by dating coins found alongside the shield boss, experts believe Junius was an ordinary soldier in the Eighth Legion, based in Germany and sent over to Britain to provide extra manpower for a war against the native Britons.
Junius Dubitatus opted for a coating of silver on the copper alloy boss on his shield.
In June 1944, as US soldiers fought for that fabled freedom and democracy, George Junius Stinney, a black male, was found guilty of killing two white girls aged eight and 11, although there was no evidence against him, no witnesses called for the defence, a "confession" that was beaten out of him, the inevitable verdict delivered by an all-white jury.
And, it is the Bofors phase of his life that made him enter into a pact with Sri Lanka with a very fox-like politician called Jayawardene (former Sri Lankan President, Junius Richard Jayawardene) and I think that Indo-Ceylon pact that he entered into was a great betrayal of Indian interest.
He will report to Daniel Junius, Immunogen's president and CEO.
The Green Dragon Theatre attracted many leading actors of the time, including Shakespearian actor Junius Brutus Booth, who appeared many times in the mid 1800s.
The company would communicate only when enough advanced steps have been taken in the sales process, Dexia's spokesperson Caroline Junius was cited by news agency Belga on Wednesday.